Data Access

All sequencing data produced by the Broad Institute will be made available to collaborators on request. The CMG will make the following data accessible:

  • Array data
    • Acess to array data (if generated for your samples) will be granted via Aspera. 
  • Sample BAMs
  • VCF file containing all samples in cohort/batch
    • Access to sample bams and VCFs will be made available via Aspera. In preparation of data transfer, please click this link and use the following login credentials:

Note: Any software difficulties, firewall restrictions or any network issues experienced by collaborators are to be addressed with their respective institutional IT department. Broad Institute IT will provide support for server side issues.

The account created for data download/upload will be limited to 1 terabyte and will expire in 30 days after creation. If additional space or time is required, separate arrangements will need to be made with collaborators.