Regulatory Review

This section provides information for investigators on the paperwork required to submit samples to the Broad CMG.

We will initially require the following documents:

  1. Collaborator Agreement: This agreement provides a high-level overview of the CMG and the type of samples we want to sequence, along with benefits to collaborators and policies that are required due to the use of NIH funding. Once you review and sign, it will automatically be sent back to our Center.
  2. Template Informed Consent Form: We require a blank, template copy of the informed consent form(s) used to recruit the participants who provided your samples.

Once we receive this paperwork, we will submit your research consent form(s) to our local IRB for secondary use approval. We will notify you as soon as we have approval.

After your collaboration has been established, we will request Data Use Limitations Letters. These templates must be completed by the ethics committee that approved your protocol and consent form. As a requirement for using NIH funds, data will eventually be deposited into dbGaP. This letter indicates to dbGaP how the data can be shared based on your consent forms.