Data Transfer

Sequencing data produced by the Broad CMG will be made available to collaborators upon request with the required contingency that phenotype information is entered on seqr. Please note we are only able to return data to the investigator that initiated this collaboration, as well as relevant study staff. The Broad CMG will make the following data accessible and permit a one-time download of each of the data types from the workspace per team:


Genome Data

Genome data and subsetted genome VCF file are delivered via Firecloud. Access to raw data are delivered as .cram files. The average 30x genome .cram file is 12 TB.


Array Data

Array data is delivered via Firecloud. The deliverable includes .gtc files, .idat files, and project VCF. 


Exome and RNA Data

Access to exome and RNA data will be made available via an Aspera site. 


Subsetted VCF file
Access to subsetted exome VCFs will be made available via an Aspera site. 


*Note: Any software difficulties, firewall restrictions, or any network issues experienced by collaborators should be addressed with their respective institutional IT department. Broad Institute IT will provide support for server side issues.